Knowledge, Safety and Performance with Theault.

Rooted in the 1924 establishment of a small company in the Normandy region of France,Theault has been specializing in vehicles for horse transportation by the 1950’s. In 1961 Theault developed the concept of rear-facing travel in a compact vehicle focusing on economy. This concept has become the foundation of the company which is one of, in not, the largest specialist builders of horse transportation internationally.

This is the origin of the Theault MorpheUS 2-horse vehicle for North America, currently imported by Stadium European Horseboxes. The MorpheUS has been primarily built on the Mercedes Benz 3500 Sprinter built for America. This vehicle has been well accepted and very popular among the many disciplines of the U.S. horse community, as well as virtually trouble-free by those who have purchased these to date.

Theault is best described by the following words: Knowledge, Quality, Safety, Passion, Innovation and Performance.